The Importance of Investment For Financial Freedom in the Future!

29 Apr 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 13 Sep 2021

financial freedom

Now, the price of various needs jumps rapidly due to fluctuations in the value of the currency. People began to set aside income in various forms. Either saving, buying assets, until investing for future financial freedom. Some people whose lives depend on a monthly salary, certainly feel burdened when they have to set aside their income to invest.

Although investments are essential in the process towards financial freedom in the future, if only depending on the limited monthly income, how can Sobat Pintar start investing?

Before discussing more financial freedom, let’s first understand the importance of investing. Imagine if Sobat Pintar is planning a vacation to a place that tends to be exotic and cost a lot just for accommodation. So much preparation that Sobat Pintar should do for a short time. With good planning, you can pay it by installment for the necessary needs so that your holiday can run smoothly and without obstacles.

Well, the same with our lives, it takes a plan that is not for a moment to achieve financial freedom where it is no longer need to think about the financial condition. Investing is one of the most effective ways to achieve that condition. Of course, you need good financial planning, because it’s difficult to meet the various needs if you only rely on monthly income and savings only, especially if you just rely on some of the following.

  • Year-end bonus, because it is not a certain amount
  • Increase in salary, because it is not a certain amount
  • Bank interest, because its value is eroded by inflation
  • Loans from banks, because the interest is high

Some of the above include other sources of income that do not necessarily guarantee the financial well-being of Sobat Pintar. Therefore, only by allocating a small percentage of monthly salary, investing will feel light without thinking about big risks.

The investments offered by today’s fintech provide an attractive range of timeframes and return rates. In Kredit Pintar, Sobat Pintar can start investing from Rp 500,000 (IDR 500k) and get a return rate of up to 16% *.

With cutting-edge technology, Kredit Pintar implements credit scoring to select reputable borrowers, so investors need not hesitate to apply for investing.

What are you waiting for? Want to start investing in order to gain financial freedom in the future? Invest in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient investment process! Visit our website at

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13 Sep 2021
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