Best Indonesian Fintech for Online Loans (Pinjaman Uang Online)

24 Feb 2021 by Kredit Pintar., Last edit: 19 Aug 2022

As one of the most prominent emerging industries in the global frontier, new fintech companies are cropping up across the globe every day. Among those in Indonesia is Kredit Pintar, a leading financial technology company that aims to improve the financial welfare of the local population. Like other businesses in this industry, they are using technology to deliver conventional financial services. In particular, PT Kredit Indonesia moves in providing online loans (pinjaman uang online). But not only that, they are driven by the goal of making loans as easily accessible as possible for the mainstream community.

Why Kredit Pintar?

It is a system based on mobile apps that lets users apply and receive loans through their smartphones. Accredited and authorized by OJK, there is no need to worry about credibility. They offer loans in Rupiah with the lowest interest rate and one of the most convenient processes that have been innovated.

Those who are looking for quick loans would benefit from its many features. First off, the fact that the entire process takes place online could not be any more convenient. From registration, validation, and application to paying back the money, there is no need to be physically present anywhere. In fact, you can liquidate the funds in as fast as 5 minutes from applying!

Not only that, the app is synchronized with a useful notification system. You will receive reminders via email or text message one day before payments are due. This ensures that you won’t miss due dates and can avoid late fees.

In terms of how you can pay back the loan amount, this can also be done online or virtually. The first option is through Alfamart stores. You could also choose internet banking, mobile banking, or ATM transfer. Once you have made the payment, the app will automatically change your loan status into complete.

A Fintech Where You Can Improve Credit Score

The good thing about using Kredit Pintar for your online loans is that it allows you to improve credit score. The more you borrow, the more you can borrow. This will increase your credit limit while maintaining a low interest rate and give you exclusive vouchers up to Rp 500.000! In addition, you will get access to special offers and promotions that will undoubtedly make it more appealing.

One could increase their credit score by applying for their first loans and finishing the first repayment. Additionally, make sure to upload a profile photo as this will improve your credit. Sharing your experience of the online loan (pinjaman uang online) could also help, as will referring it to your friends!

Indeed, those who are looking for a new lender for online loans, or pinjaman uang online, would find the services of Kredit Pintar more than satisfactory. Easy to apply for, widely accessible, fast process, and payment in instalments. What more could one ask for? There are for certain other fintech brands out there, but none that is more convenient, modern, and reliable in the online loan industry.

19 Aug 2022
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