Fasting Equals Investment. Here’s the Proof!

28 Apr 2018 by Edwin


Soon, the month of Ramadhan will arrive, and certainly many people who want to worship more by praying and doing good things of religion for investment in heaven later. Fasting in the month of Ramadan for Muslims is worship by abstaining from food, drink, and lust. This form of worship is believed to provide blessings that multiply in the future. A concept similar to investment, right?

When examined further, the investment can be considered fast, in the sense that controlling money and limit the level of consumptive life Sobat Pintar is not trouble in the future. Both things also bring goodness in various things, including social life, economy, and so forth.

Well, here are some point of view of fasting wisdom from an investment point of view:

1. “Withholding Yourself” in All Things

Like a fast that refrains from lust, Sobat Pintar is also required to refrain from using the money to be set aside for the future.

The so-called fasting as a means of saving rewards can be seen as an investment that is also an attempt to ‘plant seeds’ that will bear fruit in the years to come. So, how to refrain from temptations to be more consumptive?

The temptation before Lebaran moment is much, let alone discount here and there. Sobat Pintar should be prioritizing the priority scale and setting aside the unnecessary.

2. Conserve Daily Consumption

Second, by fasting, of course, Sobat Pintar can be more efficient in daily consumption affairs. In the month of fasting, Sobat Pintar can only eat at dawn and break the fast and that means can save up to Rp 25.000 per day. Just imagine if one full month means Sobat Pintar saves approximately Rp 750.000.

In order to provide benefits in the future, you can also allocate some money to save, you know!

3. Commitment

Sobat Pintar needs to know that investment is a term in the economic field related to fundraising in the hope of making a profit in the future. Investment is often referred to as an investment, you know.

So, fasting as the core investment is when fasting, Sobat Pintar can save your budget and start investing.

Of course, Sobat Pintar gets a holiday allowance in the month of Ramadan. Well, from THR that you received, you can set aside at least 10% of THR to be invested.

Hopefully, the analogy in this article can meet your understanding of the importance of investing for the future. Welcome to Ramadan, Sobat Pintar!

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