What Will Happen If I Do Not Pay The Bill?
Maximum bill payment is made on the due date. If you do not pay the bill according to the applicable regulations, you will experience several conditions as below:

1. You will be regularly reminded by our billing team, to immediately make a bill payment.

2. Billing can also be done through direct visits to your residence or business location.

3. Failure to pay will be subject to late fees in accordance with the policies applicable in Kredit Pintar and stated in the loan contract.

4. Telephone billing to family, friends, or other parties related to you whose phone number is listed as an emergency number, if:
a. You are still in arrears and your whereabouts are unknown for direct collection, even though you have attempted to visit and communicate directly with the borrower.
b. You are still in arrears and do not have good intentions to communicate with Kredit Pintar, regarding the collection of the debt.
c. You are still in arrears and do not respond or cooperate properly in the effort of Kredit Pintar debt collection.

5. Billing through legal channels against borrowers.

6. Carry out other efforts deemed necessary as an effort to collect.

7. Payment failure will also affect the quality of your credit which can affect your next loan application at Smart Credit or at other financial institutions.
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