A Brief Strategy to Take advantage of Fintech for Business Needs

In building, managing, and maintaining a business, certainly a lot of business needs that must be met. Starting from the knowledge of a qualified in running a business, the selection of the right employees, and of course the capital that isn’t small. Capital itself will generally be used for various business needs, such as: The[…]

Ahead of Lebaran, Time to Start Funding in Fintech P2P Lending

Now, doing funding can be done anytime thanks to fintech. But it would be better if done early on. The faster Sobat Pintar does the funding, the quicker you get the results. For moments such as before Ramadhan and Eid, ‘saving’ through funding in fintech seems to be a very smart choice. Funding in fintech[…]

Benefits of Funding for Students Who Want to Manage Money On Their Own

Independence is the key to success in the future. Therefore, college students must make sure to benefit by starting funding early on. There are many types of funding that a student can try. Some types of funding are: Education Funding Includes purchasing textbooks, downloading journals, and spending time learning. This type of funding is the[…]

Be Careful and Avoid Fake Funding Offers!

In terms of business and professionalism, many people are good on this earth. But the bad people are there to fool you too, Sobat Pintar. There are some people who can take advantage of you, even deceive yourself to make a personal profit through a fake funding offer. Yes, indeed one form of fraud that[…]

Receivables Funding, Financial Options to Increase Revenue

In past times it is possible to get a fund or revenue, someone will do additional work. Like overtime or looking for a second job. But in today’s technological era, to increase revenue, many people are interested in starting funding of accounts receivable. What is the funding of receivables in the technological era? And how[…]

From Zero to Hero, Let’s Get Profits From Funding!

The huge profits and high growth of the business that Sobat Pintar own must be the thing that should be achieved and dreamed of. However, there are many obstacles that often make your business and funding just become stagnant and far from gaining the profits. As for some of the causes of stagnant funding that[…]

Easy Funding for Beginners (and Everyone!)

Along with the progress of the times, financial ease can be obtained more. All thanks to the rapidly growing technology. One of them in obtaining profits through easy funding. Now starting funding is not as difficult as in the past. Nowadays, anyone and anywhere, Sobat Pintar can now start the easy funding process anytime. There[…]

Tips for Choosing a Safe, Easy, and Profitable Funding

A safe, easy, and profitable funding must be everyone’s desire. But such funding is very hard to find. Why? Because after all a funding must have risks, difficulties, and various problems that may arise. There are so many choices that you can choose. But we try to show 3 the most secure funding, easy and[…]

The Importance of Profitable Financial Management in the Era of Globalization

The era of globalization has forced every country to open the door to compete globally. Including competition in the field of economy and employment opportunities. But in fact, not all the people in Indonesia understand about financial management that is profitable and ready for the era of globalization. This is an evidence from the low[…]

Fintech Lending, Easy Ways to Get Profit by Lending Money

Having excess money is fun. But if not played for a profit, sooner or later the money will be gone. Unfortunately, there are still many people who have not known P2P fintech lending with the service to lend money as one of the lucrative, easy, safe and secure business. What exactly is fintech lending? Fintech[…]