Tips on Managing Finance Ahead of Ramadhan. Start Your Own Business!

25 Apr 2018 by Edwin

The moments before Ramadhan as it is now is awaited moment for all Moslem in the world. But there is a tips on managing finance ahead of Ramadhan, because the rising pricing factors that start ahead of Eid must make Sobat Pintar aware. Make sure that Sobat Pintar is ready to manage the family finances more tightly when Ramadhan comes with this tips on managing finance.

Beware of Causes of Financial Stability

There are several things to watch out for:

  • The existence of unexpected needs in the days leading up to Eid
  • The likelihood of soaring prices exceeds expectations
  • And there is a deliberate leak of expenditure

Immediately to Set Expenditure Plans

Start by arranging small things like:

  • Allow personal/family allowances that are allowed every day
  • Set what kinds of items are allowed and should not be purchased
  • Organize your shopping schedule

Yes, arranging a shopping schedule is very necessary because then you are not easily tempted by the seduction of discounts and promos for items that are not really needed.

Try Seeking Opportunities

Lots of opportunities that you can take in the month of fasting, especially before Ramadhan. Sobat Pintar can make this moment as a moment to gain money. Sobat Pintar can increase the family financial with business opportunities such as:

  • Sell Eid knick knacks
  • Sell Eid typical souvenirs
  • Join the food seller to break the fast

Sobat Pintar can try business opportunities in the field of services such as:

  • Opening home care services
  • Opening private vehicle care services
  • Opening pet care services

And of course, there are many other opportunities that can be utilized as possible.

However, it is advisable to improve finances in the month of fasting by opening a business. No need to worry because of lack of capital to open your own business. Because in this current day and era, Sobat Pintar can get financial help to open a business in a way that is very easy, fast, practical, and safe. How come?

Borrowing money should be smart with the use of financial services technology that can facilitate Sobat Pintar to borrow money only with an ID card, and internet connection.

But of course, Sobat Pintar need to make sure you choose to borrow money on fintech which is:

  • Already supervised by OJK in every operation
  • Provide loans at a low cost
  • The amount of interest and the length of the installment that can be chosen by yourself.

That’s how to manage the finances ahead of Eid. Hopefully, Sobat Pintar gets answers to what you are looking for.

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