Tips for Choosing a Safe, Easy, and Profitable Funding

21 May 2018 by Edwin


A safe, easy, and profitable funding must be everyone’s desire. But such funding is very hard to find. Why? Because after all a funding must have risks, difficulties, and various problems that may arise.

There are so many choices that you can choose. But we try to show 3 the most secure funding, easy and profitable for Sobat Pintar.

What are they?


Although it is a form of savings, its true deposit is also a form of funding and investment. There are many different types of deposits that you can choose. Whether it’s short-term deposits (3 months, up to 6 months), or long-term deposits (5 years to 20 years).

The longer the term of the deposit, the more profits you can get.

This deposit is very easy to do, and very safe because it is guaranteed by the bank, and very profitable. However, this type of funding has several disadvantages, among them are:

  • Sobat Pintar unable to get the results immediately
  • Requires funds that are not small
  • And the risk of inflation in the value of the currency can cause the deposit is not worth it or interest that is meaningless

However, basically, the risk of problems with deposits is so rare that you do not have to worry about do your money here.

Opening Your Own Business

Nothing is more gratifying than being a business owner himself. Become a boss for yourself. Therefore, start by opening your own business is worth to try, Sobat Pintar.

Some types of businesses that can be opened include:

  • Restaurant/snack seller
  • Clothing store
  • Or tutoring services

There are many other types of businesses that you can choose. With sufficient knowledge of the chosen business field, this type of funding will be very easy, low risk, and very profitable.

But the problem that is often experienced by business owners is to find a competent employee to help yourself managing this type of funding.

Fintech P2P Lending

Fintech is well known for their services in online lending. Therefore, the services provided are so favored by many people.

But apparently, fintech not only has an online money loan product alone, some fintech also opens the opportunity to anyone to participate in providing loans by becoming one of the lenders.

The process is very easy, safe, and so profitable. In addition, profits can be obtained within a relatively short time.

As for some advantages that are provided, among others is the ease in the process, low risk due to a secure system, and Sobat Pintar can start with low capital.

Yes, no need to worry about the initial capital, because it only takes Rp 500,000 to start funding in Kredit Pintar and Sobat Pintar can earn interests up to 16% *.

Curious about a profitable private funding and could be a capital to gain financial freedom in the future? Start your funding in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient funding process! Visit our website at

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