The Importance of Starting Financial Detox

05 Jan 2018 by Edwin

On the recent years, we recognized many brands vying to get as many customers with various promotions and price wars. As a result, the level of customer consumption is also rising and many peoples buy products that should not be purchased.

It’s hard if you want to have goods that you like, but you don’t have the money, isn’t it?

Hence, it takes a strategy to manage the financial flow so that you do not waste money on things that are not too important. You can get what you need.

How? One of them is financial detox. Let’s discuss more about this.

From its own understanding, financial detox is a radical effort to correct the mistakes of financial management in the past. How?

  1. Be aware of Consumerism Level

Actually there is nothing wrong with frequent online shopping, midnight sale shopping, or hangout in the coffee shop. But if all that is done too often even until every day without any planning, I guarantee that it would be a financial problem that will trouble you in the future. You do not want to feel your salary just passing through, isn’t it?

  1. Reduce Micro Spending

Snacks that cost Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 may look trivial. But if you can not control the desire to eat excessive snacks, It will also surely guaranteed that your financial condition will be leak much.

That’s why, rather than continuing so and your salary getting more thin, try to start a financial detox. You can try by setting aside a special budget for snack with the help of financial apps or start using e-wallet.

  1. Fix the Mindset

In addition to reducing and prevent budget swelling, financial detox can be done by starting a minimalist lifestyle, recycle, and reduce the contents of the cabinet by selling items that are not used anymore. You can sell it with making garage sale. Sell to your friends or with the help of internet.

Not just sparingly, you also will get additional money. It is also fun!

  1. Have Clear Financial Goals

Having both short and long term financial goals is very important, because you need a benchmark in achieving financial success. Therefore, make a clear financial goal and categorize some things that you think are important. Costs for education, vacation budget, installment fees, even unexpected costs.

In order for your expenses to be more controlled, you also have to get used to saving and investing. Anyway, all that must be thought through, don’t just only assuming.

Hopefully with a financial detox, your financial problems can be solved one by one in the future. Also, enjoy your new year!