The Importance of Profitable Financial Management in the Era of Globalization

16 May 2018 by Edwin


The era of globalization has forced every country to open the door to compete globally. Including competition in the field of economy and employment opportunities. But in fact, not all the people in Indonesia understand about financial management that is profitable and ready for the era of globalization. This is an evidence from the low level of understanding of financial management in the community.

The low level of financial management education is visible from so many people who tend to choose to be employees/office employees for life. Whereas in this era of globalization, everyone should try to be a master on his own home and income.

To improve the economy of a country in the era of globalization, everyone has to start thinking about what kind of financial management to be done. The advantages and how effective the financial management is the top priority to be considered.

Seconds in the era of globalization, the value of a currency will experience inflation. If currently, Rp 1,000 can buy 5 pieces of candy, a few more years maybe Rp 1,000 can only buy 3 or even 1 piece of candy only.

Therefore, in the era of globalization Sobat Pintar cannot be silent and only hope on the salary and savings only. Sobat Pintar must have assets that are higher in value over time. And the money saved is not an asset whose value is higher from time to time.

There are many types of financial management that Sobat Pintar can try to do in this era of globalization, some of which are:

  1. Educational Funding
    It is a form of funding that you can give to your child or to yourself. This funding will make a person able to compete in the era of globalization, emerging as a leader and contributing tangibly to the economy because of the knowledge gained from that education.

    However, education funding requires a long waiting time, as this type of funding is a long-term investment.

  2. Lending Money
    The rate of inflation in currency values is more than 12% per annum. Meanwhile, interest on bank deposits is generally lower than 12% per annum. Therefore, saving today is not a reliable form of funding.

    Sobat Pintar should look for a form of funding that can give you an advantage over the average annual inflation rate!

    Funding in the lending sector can be selected by Sobat Pintar. This much-offered funding by fintech that offers you the opportunity to become a lender to thousands of people applying for loans.

    But of course, Sobat Pintar must be smart in lending money. Look for fintech that guarantees the security of Sobat Pintar money if at any time the person lent his money has trouble in the payment of debt / bad credit.

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