The Importance of Early Funding for Your Family Economy

11 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021


There are many types of funding that Sobat Pintar can try. But not just try it, Sobat Pintar should dive deeper into it! Why? Getting started with the right funding can improve your financial and economic level.

When do we have to start saving money in the form of funding? The answer is as soon as possible. In other words, Sobat Pintar should start early. But there are several reasons why starting the funding process early on is impossible for most people, including:

  1. Having No Business Knowledge
    By reason of not being able to do business, someone is procrastinating to start a business. And over time, Sobat Pintar competitors have started their own business, while Sobat Pintar is getting far behind. Is that what Sobat Pintar expect?
  2. Not Having Enough Capital to Start a Business
    Many people feel that their capital is not enough to start a business, and they still need to save more. Surely, it’s not wrong to have such a mindset. But that’s true if Sobat Pintar hasn’t figured out that a lot of funding does not require a lot of capital.There are several types of businesses that require a small but safe capital and still provide great benefits, one of which is fintech that offers funding platform for customers. What they do is offering a platform to save your money which will be used as loan capital for the business that others need.

    Funding platform from fintech is a money-saving process where Sobat Pintar acts as a lender, and fintech acts as a seeker of people in need of a loan and funding platform.

    In addition, fintech also acts as an intermediary that guarantees that your money will lend back with the interest within a certain period.

Well, funding itself is very important for Sobat Pintar, therefore, it must be done early because:

  • The Longer the Delay is, Sobat Pintar Will be Left Far Behind Competitor
    Does Sobat Pintar want to start a business from 0 while business competitors already have strong legs, loyal customers, and big names?With one stroke, your business can be wiped. Is this what Sobat Pintar want? Of course not. Therefore, start as early as possible.
  • Time is money
    The more Sobat Pintar delay starting, the more time is wasted. If you have started a business from a few months ago, maybe you already enjoy the benefits at this time. If Sobat Pintar doesn’t fix it by starting to fund other people’s business right now until next year Sobat Pintar cannot enjoy anything.

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21 Jun 2021
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