The Best KTA with Short Tenor? KreditPintar It Is!

25 Jan 2018 by Edwin

Recently, the growing number of fintech that offer KTA loans can bring financial benefits to both the customer and the fintech company itself. The service was quite a lot and varied, from micro to large sum of loan, of course with a variety of tenor too.

For those of you who do not know, KTA is loan without collateral, the types of loans offered without the need for collateral to apply for funds.

KreditPintar is one of the fintech that offers several loan options (500k, 1million, and 2million rupiah) with tenor ranging from 14 days to 3 months. The tenor of loan is the term of the loan were during that period, You have to pay off the installment.

With a short tenor, you can take advantage of loans from KTA offered by KreditPintar for a vacation, start a business with additional funds, or do some shopping.

KreditPintar tenor options are fairly short (with a period of maximum 3 months) and suitable for you who want to pay off debt quickly.

Although the offered interest rate is slightly greater than KTA with longer tenor, the process of submitting KTAs in Simple and quick. Kreditpintar can be your option for using a credible KTA loan service. You don’t even have to bother to go to a bank, prepare many files, and pass the interview process. Simply by installing KreditPintar apps in the play store, uploading selfie photos and IDs, you can apply for a loan of up to 2 million rupiahs anytime, anywhere!

Well, to make you more comfortable, choose a loan and tenor that fit your ability.

Have a great day and keep hustle!