Easy Steps to Starting a Frugal Life in Big Cities

12 Apr 2018 by Edwin

For Sobat Pintar who want to live frugally in big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Medan, it seems to have to accept the facts that life frugal in a big city is difficult. But that doesn’t mean impossible!

There are several reasons why living frugally in a big city can be said to be difficult, such as:

  1. Goods are More More Expensive
    In big cities, every item and service is much more expensive when compared to other regions (except BBM which depends on location).

    Therefore, don’t be surprised if one’s expenses to eat alone can vary from 50 to 100 thousand rupiahs per day.

    The best way to solve this problem is to use technology such as Google search engine to find a seller who provides goods/services with the best price and fit your wallet condition.

  2. The Temptation to Shop is Very Great
    There are many temptations that can undo your intention in creating a frugal life in a big city, such as:

    – Good and attractive items with the discount label “more than 50%”

    – The food is delicious and varied

    – Invitation from friends to hang out

    – Invitation from friends to eat at a fancy cafe

    – as well as other temptations.

    The best way to overcome this temptation problem is to determine the amount of money you will use per day. Thus, there will be no problems such as spending leaked from eating too often with friends.

    In addition, learning to refuse subtly these invitations can be an effective solution.

In addition to the 2 life-saving ways in big cities mentioned earlier, Sobat Pintar can try to live frugally by using financial technology or fintech in every financial transaction.

Yes, by using fintech, you can live more economically effective in 3 sectors:

  • Save money
  • Save power
  • And save time.

For a Sobat Pintar who doesn’t understand, fintech or financial technology itself is a technology that can help you to:

  • Make any payment, anywhere
    This will certainly make Sobat Pintar saving productive time.
  • Applying for loans from anywhere, anytime
    This will certainly save the power of Sobat Pintar because no need to had a trouble to take care of the documents and letters of the loan.
  • Gain capital and financial assistance with very light interest
    This certainly makes Sobat Pintar is more efficient and calmer because it does not need to think of the strangling interest that is often given by other cash loan providers.

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