How to Solve Credit Card Debt Wisely

08 Feb 2018 by Edwin

How to overcome credit card debt is to pay it off when the bill comes. But it can’t be denied that sometimes the bill is huge. This makes a lot of people choose not to pay the bill. Is it wise?

Before learning how to overcome credit card debt, you need to know some of the reasons why credit card debt can accumulate. As for several reasons are:

  • You Have Too Many Credit Cards
    Some people have more than 3 types of credit cards. Used or not, there is always a charge on the credit card. Therefore, do not be surprised if you get a bill on a card that you don’t think you’ve ever used.To avoid such charges, choose a credit card provider that does not charge you when you do not use it. Even if there is a cost, make sure you have the ability to pay it off.
  • Someone Using Your Credit Card Secretly
    “Carding” or credit card usage by unauthorized persons is still very rampant. Therefore, you should keep your credit card information secure.Never upload photos showing your data and credit card numbers.

To overcome credit card debt itself, some steps you can and must do include:

  1. Don’t Solve This Problem Only Through Phone
    The best way to solve this problem is to meet directly with a bank people. Advantages by meeting directly include:a. It can be easier to negotiate credit card settlements
    b. Can speak directly with the person who has the authority
    c. Can solve the problem immediately
  2. Take KTA (Loan Without Collateral) to Repay Debt
    When you have difficulty in paying off credit card debt, immediately take the KTA with low interest. This is to prevent the occurrence of other debt interest due to credit card arrears.Borrowing money should be smart. Take advantage of fintech that can give you financial help easily, lightly, and not cause any problems for you at a later time. Having difficulty to find KTA loan? KreditPintar can help you deal with credit card debt with a loan tenor of up to 3 months.
  3. Start a Well-thought Financial Planning
    Make this happen as a valuable lesson. Start to use your credit cards better. No need to be afraid to cover most credit cards if you feel you do not need them.

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