Simple Strategy to Take Advantage of Fintech for your Personal Need

04 May 2018 by Edwin

personal need

Whatever the job, age, ethnicity, or religion of Sobat Pintar, everyone has a personal need. And this need has a different level of urgency. There are things to be met, some can be postponed, some may not be filled at all.

The needs that must be met are:

  • Medication Cost
    Whether Sobat Pintar or a sick family member, you should seek treatment immediately. Especially if the disease is serious enough.

    However, often the cost of the medication is not included in the budget. As a result of many waves of panic when the disease arrives. Yes, everyone doesn’t want to hurt, but make sure that you have the funds when this problem arrives.

  • Personal Needs Suddenly Appears
    There are so many needs that suddenly arise. For example, tuition fees are suddenly used for other needs. As a result, tuition becomes less, whereas tuition fees must be paid immediately.

    Or the motor that suddenly broke down and needed to go down the machine. If it is not repaired, you need to ride a more expensive public vehicle and take up more time.

    Whatever your personal needs, you should prepare a backup fund so as not to panic when problems arise.

Unfortunately, however, the funds for these unexpected personal things are often not enough. For example:

  • Sobat Pintar has 5 million Rupiah, but hospital costs of 10 million rupiahs. Sobat Pintar saves 1 million Rupiah, but the cost of the engine down by 2 million.

Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of these two things, things that must be Sobat Pintar do include:

  • Make Sure Sobat Pintar Have “Standby Budget”
    Standby Budget is a fund that can be withdrawn at any time. Some examples of standby budget funds are considerable savings.

    Other standby budget funds can be credit cards. But the cost of interest is very high.

  • Have Insurance
    Insurance is also a necessity to make sure you can deal with urgent personal needs. But unfortunately, 80% of Indonesian people have not covered this problem.
  • Take advantage of Fintech
    Fintech is the best solution for Sobat Pintar who needs a loan. Many fintech companies are ready to make loans with an easy and fast process, but with light interest and installments.

    However you should choose the fintech company as good as possible. Since there are some fintech companies that provide low interest but these fees and fines are considerable. Well, try using Kredit Pintar.

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