Shopping Tips Before Ramadhan, Still Consumtive When Price Soars

30 Apr 2018 by Edwin

We all know in the month of fasting (Ramadhan) the prices will rise. Especially before and a few days after Eid. But Sobat Pintar can try some of the following Ramadhan savings tips to ensure that your family’s finances remain stable.

As for some tips, it will be very useful to ensure:

  • Sobat Pintar Finance is sufficient
  • Sobat Pintar no need to indebted in welcoming Eid
  • And Sobat Pintar can fly with a comfortable heart and a happy feeling

Shopping on H-7 Before Fasting to Save

During the fasting month, prices will soar. But if Sobat Pintar bought things a week before Eid, the expenses would be much smaller.

Yes, the price increase between H-7 with fasting time can reach 100%. Therefore, at least a week before fasting, Sobat Pintar have to prepare things like:

  • Clothes that will be worn to celebrate Ied
  • Drinks and snacks that will be served during Ied
  • Food and drink during the fasting day

By buying all equipment a week before the fasting time, Eid will feel more friendly for Sobat Pintar financial condition.

Make Sure Only Purchase Items Needed

Don’t look at people vying to buy various items in the month of fasting and when Ied comes, Sobat Pintar also following it up. Be sure to buy items that are:

  • Required to be purchased because it is a necessity
  • Wherever possible, buy all that is needed in H-7 Eid

Remember, it is not necessary to buy prestigious things merely because someone else bought it. Put the money-saving mindset for the sake of Ramadhan without running out of money.

Shopping by Finding Discounts to Save

As much as possible, look for stores that are currently providing discounts or promos. But of course, there are often requirements in buying the goods, such as:

  • Only pay by credit card
  • Discounts apply for purchases through the online shop
  • Discounts apply for a limited time

Therefore Sobat Pintar should always prepare the funds so that when there is a discount or promo, Sobat Pintar does not run out of promo and can directly buy the item.

But what if Sobat Pintar doesn’t have funds? Whether the funds to stocking goods or don’t have the funds to buy all the goods that happen to be discounted? Can you save money?

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Make sure this year’s Eid into something memorable. 🙂

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