Setting up a Family Vacation Budget

21 Feb 2018 by Edwin

Increasing togetherness with a family vacation is a good thing. Many benefits that can certainly be obtained. But of course, the holiday must be carefully prepared. Especially in the most crucial part. Budget.

Arranging a family vacation budget should pay attention to 4 important elements that should not be ignored. That is:

  1. Stakes and Pillars
    Make sure you arrange a family vacation budget that will not burden the family finances. Do not let you and your family should take a vacation by:- Borrow money for the holidays.
    – Have a very “Press” (pass-pass) fund for a vacation.
    – Still, have arrears that should be a priority.Make sure that money for a vacation with family is money that has been set aside from the income so far. Do not use another postal budget for vacation. Especially with borrow money for the holidays.

    However, borrow money must be smart. You must know the loan money will be managed for what useful things.

  2. Long Holiday
    In budget preparation, you should pay attention to how long it will take a vacation. But keep in mind that it would be more comfortable if you reduce about 1-2 days your vacation time.What does it mean?If you and your family have a long holiday for 1 week, then you should use 5-6 days just for a vacation.

    On the last day can be used to rest or relax at home. This is to prevent you from getting too tired to start working the next day.

    In addition, reducing the length of vacation will also reduce the amount of spending. And this is certainly very good.

  3. Define Shared Destination
    You may want to vacation on the beach, but maybe your family members want to vacation in paddy fields. Therefore, in planning a family holiday budget, determining the destination is very important.Many families spend a considerable amount of money on holiday destinations that families cannot enjoy.To address this, the joint discussion on destination setting is very important. In addition, the selected destinations should meet 5 important elements that must be considered, namely security, access, facilities, rides available, and of course price.
  4. Selecting a Travel Agent
    At this time you will be very difficult on a vacation if you do not use the services of travel agents. Many accommodations are currently only available if you use the services of a travel agent.Even some lodging places only provide rooms if it is booked in advance with travel agency services.For that, in preparing a family vacation budget, you also have to determine what travel agencies that provide services according to expectations and family budget.

    But do not be afraid to choose a travel agent. Many travel agents are already using cooperation with various platforms Fintech.

We can also take advantage of fintech in booking travel agents and make payments. By utilizing fintech, you can even do the installment scheme for the holidays using travel agency services.

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