Quick Tips to Avoid and Beware of False Investment Offers!

09 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021

false investment

Although Sobat Pintar has many good people in your circles that often offer cooperation, business opportunities, and others, Sobat Pintar should be cautious and careful because these bad guys are not small in number. There are some people who can deceive Sobat Pintar offering false investments for personal gain.

It can not be denied again that one form of deception that is still quite popular is a fraudulent investment. The common mode is to offer you investment products. And when you have deposited an investment fund, the person/company will run away from their responsibility.

Therefore, you should always be cautious and avoid false investment offers.

But recognizing fake investments is not easy. Sobat Pintar needs deep knowledge. As for some features of false investment include:

Promising an Unreasonable High Profit
An investment with a promising profit of more than 20 percent should be suspected of being a false investment. For that if you find such an investment, the steps that can be done are:

  • Refused the investment
  • Reporting of disturbing activities to the authorities (OJK)

But surely not all forms of investment with a profit of more than 20% are fraud investment. Some are still a decent investment. But the numbers are very small.

No OJK Permit
A business entity that requires investors must be supervised by OJK. If an investment-based financial badge does not have an OJK business license, then it is most likely that investment is fraudulent.

Don’t get caught up in the promises of a slick investment sales that promise things like:

  • OJK permissions will be issued soon and only need to wait
  • OJK permit already exists but the letters will be given immediately after the investment deal

The Business to be Built is Unclear
Don’t trust their promised business. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should find out things like:

  • What kind of business they build
  • Location and when the business will be opened
  • Business prospects honestly and thoroughly

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21 Jun 2021
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