Leave Consumtive Lifestyle, Start Personal Funding to Improve Financial Condition

13 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021

financial condition

Lifelike lifestyle (consumptive) can harm Sobat Pintar financial condition. With fintech, these issues can be solved by online funding or lending your money that can make Sobat Pintar financial conditions improve. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should start organizing finances from now on.

Managing finances is not just about how to save money, but also about things like:

  • Efficiently manage finances
  • Generating more profits to give more money
  • Choosing profitable funding

By starting Sobat Pintar personal or business funding, you can earn more money so that Sobat Pintar financial condition can get better. The funding that can be obtained is very diverse, among them are:

  • Funding or investment in stocks
  • Funding in forex and trading
  • Gold investment
  • Investment by buying property (land, house, or luxury vehicle)

Sobat Pintar can also start funding in business by opening a business or lending to a particular business. Whether it’s business in the field of education, health, security, buying, and selling, or other business forms.

But certainly, in the business, Sobat Pintar must understand the field of business to run. Don’t let yourself not knowing anything about the business because it can cause the business to lose money.

The main problem in investment is the existence of financial problems so that capital for funding is often not enough (less). As a result, the business that Sobat Pintar run lose money because it does not have the capital to develop the potentials.

In modern times like today, basically, Sobat Pintar need not be afraid to seek business capital. There are many ways to get additional capital, among which are:

  • Open funding opportunities to the public
    Sobat Pintar can offer people the opportunity to take part in capitalizing your business. Thus, Sobat Pintar offers a profit share for the benefits. Sobat Pintar can provide different revenue-sharing schemes, such as share schemes, or franchise schemes.
  • Looking for a capital loan
    Sobat Pintar can earn capital by borrowing from financial institutions such as banks, cooperatives, or pawnshops. But the lending process in this institution is quite complicated. For Sobat Pintar who don’t want to experience complicated things can try to borrow money online by using the services of fintech-based financial companies. The advantages of fintech include:

    – The process of borrowing is easy and fast
    – Interest is light
    – and Self-determining installments.

So whether Sobat Pintar still want a consumptive life that can cause various economic problems to come? Or, does Sobat Pintar want to make a profit and make your financial situation in a better stage?

It’s all in the hands of Sobat Pintar.

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21 Jun 2021
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