How To Overcome Difficult Financial Problems Without Need To Pawn Anything!

22 Apr 2018 by Edwin

Are you living in a dorm and have difficult financial problems? Lots of ways to cope with financial problems. The important thing is how to get good at managing your finances, and whether you have a commitment to solve difficult financial problems.

There are several causes of your difficult financial problems, namely:

  • Spend too much money
  • A lot of unnecessary expenses
  • The existence of unexpected needs
  • And other causes.

But of all the causes, the solution is generally the same, namely:

  1. Start Tighten Your Belt!
    Make sure Sobat Pintar start learning to save money. If necessary, reduce or even eliminate some of the personal pleasures that throw away a lot of money without making a profit. Some fun that can and should be eliminated include:

    – The need for smoking
    – The need for shopping and eating at a fancy restaurant
    – Touring habits
    – and other habits

    But of course, this should be done wisely. Do not let the tightening of expenses actually make Sobat Pintar get sick. Yes, there are some people who actually get sick because of the reduced ration of food expenses. Don’t let yourself suffer that thing, Sobat Pintar!

  2. Find Side Jobs/Side Hustle
    Sobat Pintar can look for some side work to increase revenue. Don’t be afraid, there are so many side jobs that can be done and earn enough money. There are even some side jobs that provide more income than the main job. As for some side jobs that can be done include:

    – Become a private tutor
    – Become an online motorcycle taxi driver
    – Selling online goods
    – and other side jobs.

    But of course, Sobat Pintar must stay healthy. Don’t demoralize yourself to work too tired.

In addition to the 2 things above, Sobat Pintar can also solve the financial problem by borrowing money. But borrow money should not be perfunctory. Sobat Pintar has to borrow money smartly and wisely.

Make sure before borrowing money, Sobat Pintar really:

  • In need of borrowing money
  • No problem with the interest earned
  • And Sobat Pintar are able to repay the loan on time

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