Prepare Yourself to Organize Financial Plan on Ramadhan!

26 Apr 2018 by Edwin

financial plan

It can’t be denied the whole month celebration like a Ramadhan is fun. Sobat Pintar can take a relaxing vacation too. But the number of price increases in the time of Ramadhan is also required to manage the financial plan to improve the family’s financial condition.

There are so many problems if you neglect to manage your expenses either before the holiday or after the holiday. As for some problems that often arise are, among others:

  • The finances are depleted so fast so it has emptied your savings
  • The emergence of unexpected needs when Sobat Pintar does not have enough money
  • The existence of disputes among family members
  • And many other problems.

For that, regulate the special financial plan around Ramadhan period needs to be done carefully, thoroughly, and effectively. As for how to arrange a proper plan is by:

  1. Define Budget
    Sobat Pintar must determine from the beginning how much money will be spent to welcome the holiday. This budget should also be a rational budget, in a sense not too big, but also not too small.

    Make sure that the budget is a budget that will be really effective.

  2. Save Money (Besides Determined Budget)
    In addition to the money already budgeted, keep well the rest of the money. Make sure you don’t use money more than the budget that has been determined.

    Make sure you use more money than your specified budget only if:

    – Unexpected things happen
    – A very urgent and mandatory requirement to be given priority

  3. Create a Budget Spending Setup
    The budget already issued should be divided for the daily fee so that Sobat Pintar must determine how much daily spending.

    Make sure that Sobat Pintar has made the expenses to buy anything. Make sure the expenditure is indeed mandatory, such as giving gifts, or transportation costs.

  4. Prepare a Reserve Fund
    Make sure Sobat Pintar has a backup fund at any time that can be used. But in order for sufficient reserve funds, you need to find out where to get additional funds quickly and easily.

Fintech is the solution for Sobat Pintar who needs a backup fund for the financial needs of the holiday. There are several advantages to borrowing money intelligently through online applications provided by fintech companies. Some of these advantages include:

  • Loaning process is easy and fast
  • The interest is relatively light
  • And interest and installments that can be determined by potential debtors

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