What’s the Cause of Money Quickly Runs Out?

20 Apr 2018 by Edwin

money quickly runs out

Although the amount of money feels unlimited, the money we have often feel very limited. As a result, just for a moment, it seems the money we have has run out just like that. So, what’s the cause of the money quickly runs out? This is necessary for us to find out to find a solution so that Sobat Pintar can live more stable economically.

As for some causes of money quickly runs out include:

  • Theft
    Undeniably, the loss of money due to theft was prevalent. Either the money is stolen when you keep it under the bed, stolen your ATM card, wallet stolen, or even money in a piggy bank suddenly gone.

    Therefore, Sobat Pintar needs to do bookkeeping every time you save some money. Thus you can realize that there is a distinction between the money in writing and the current amount.

  • Wasteful
    It’s easy to waste money, so it can be another reason why Sobat Pintar money quickly runs out. This is commonly influenced by environmental factors. Such as the need to hang out in a fancy place, or the need to have new clothes and gadgets.

    To solve this problem, the best solution that Sobat Pintar can do is to create a daily spending budget. Certainly, Sobat Pintar must determine how much money will be spent every day.

    Sobat Pintar must also be consistent with not spending more money than the daily budget unless it really is very urgent.

  • Limited Budget for Many Needs
    Although Sobat Pintar is not stealing and trying to save as much as possible, if your income is small, then, of course, your money will quickly run out.

    Moreover, if you have family dependents and mortgage loans such as motorbike installment.

    To solve this problem, the best solution is to find additional jobs such as freelance or try to join an online taxi driver.

    But Sobat Pintar can also try to open your own business to increase your income. But this way requires considerable capital.

Although it requires a large capital, if Sobat Pintar is sure about the business you want to run, Sobat Pintar can try to seek help loan capital. There are many fintech who will be willing to lend you a capital, so don’t be afraid to think about what causes the money to run out quickly in your financial condition.

The capital process offered by fintech is easy, fast, and the terms and the interest are very light.

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