Various Advantages of Taking Money Loan by Utilizing Fintech

09 Apr 2018 by Edwin

For most people, banks are the best place to take money loan. This is not essentially wrong, given there are so many advantages of borrowing money by using bank services. Among others are:

  • Banks are easy to find and are everywhere
  • Banks have almost unlimited funding
  • Trust in security guarantees to borrow money in the bank
  • The process of money lending in the bank more familiar

But of course, there’s another solution to take money loan, not just from a bank. There are several other options to borrow money, among which are:

  • To relatives
  • To a friend
  • To the cooperative
  • To individuals who do provide loan services
  • Leasing
  • Loan shark (not recommended)

But it turns out, there is the best solution where to borrow money that is not or has not been realized by many people, especially people in Indonesia.


Fintech or financial technology is a platform that helps you perform various financial needs. Various fintech products that already operate in Indonesia already provide various features and services, such as:

  • Bill payment
  • Money/funds transfers
  • Borrowing money
  • And many other things

But unfortunately, there are still many people who have not used fintech especially to borrow money. Though there are several advantages offered by this platform, among others are:

  • The process of borrowing is very easy, sometimes just need a scan of your ID card
  • The process of borrowing money very quickly, even in just a few hours
  • The process of borrowing money that can be done anywhere and anytime (by only using HP and KTP)
  • And the payment process that can be done in atm or mini market

In addition, the main advantages of borrowing money through fintech are the interest that you can adjust your own with the ability to pay. In addition, the length of lending that you can select will also be very helpful in ensuring the use of funds that are truly effective.

Whatever the product has to offer, Sobat Pintar should start trying to take advantage of this offered advantage as well as possible, whether to start or expand your business even larger.

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