Missing Money in Your Own Home? Saving Money Must Be Careful!

21 Apr 2018 by Edwin

Many people still prefer to keep money at home rather than saving money at the Bank. Many reasons behind this. But there are also many cases where money is often lost when stored at home. What is the cause of this missing money case?

Basically, the case of the loss occurs because of:

  1. Theft
    Often unnoticed there are thieves who enter your house. Whether it’s a known person, or not. Whether it’s inside people or outsiders. Therefore, it is advisable to always keep money properly and correctly. Keep Sobat Pintar money in a relatively safe place. And if the number is large enough, just make sure that only Sobat Pintar (and maybe a truly trustworthy person) knows where to store it.

    It would be better to keep it in a place like a safe. But surely it would be much better if Sobat Pintar keeps it in the bank.

  2. Someone Using It Without Permission
    Sometimes there is a family member who Sobat Pintar trust so much, but they still take the saving money. Maybe the intentions don’t want to take it, but people often forget that is already using the money that Sobat Pintar save.

    For this problem, Sobat Pintar can ask nicely about whether they taking the money in the storage or not.

    Generally, the ‘offender’ for this case is a member of your own family.

  3. Forgot Where You Save Money
    It seems silly, but sometimes money is not lost, but Sobat Pintar yourself forgot where to keep it. Sobat Pintar feels keeping it in the wardrobe, whereas before it was just plastered in the dresser drawer.

    Forgot to save money, based on research turned out to occur in nearly 40% of cases of money loss. So if you lose money, try to remember clearly when and where the last time putting the money.

After all, saving money should be in the bank. But Sobat Pintar can also save money in the form of investments.

One form of investment that can be done is an investment funding cooperation with some fintech capital.

There are some fintech that provide opportunities to Sobat Pintar to become a lender to people who want to take a loan. Of course, Sobat Pintar will benefit from a nominal loan interest.

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