Managing Monthly Financial More Effectively

19 Mar 2018 by Edwin

Generally, every worker receives a salary per month. Therefore, the average person set monthly financial needs with the aim that the salary is sufficient for the needs for 1 month. This arrangement is necessary to ensure 3 things, namely:

  • Set expenses to avoid “financial leak”
  • Arrange for monthly income to be sufficient for everyday purposes
  • Ensure the remainder of the monthly salary for savings

But unfortunately, although it is arranged in such a way, there still often found cases where monthly income was not sufficient. The term often used in this case is “financial leaked”.

There are so many causes of financial leak. Some of them are:

  • Inability to control themselves in shopping
  • Often there are urgent needs such as medical expenses
  • There is an increase in the price of goods
  • The occurrence of inflation
  • And many other reasons.

Therefore, in the face and avoid the occurrence of financial leak, it is very important to manage monthly finances carefully. To make good financial arrangements, the following tips may help:

  1. Sharing Needs
    There are 3 types of needs. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. Try to control yourself not to squander your money just for tertiary needs.

    For secondary needs, you can divide it into two. Needs that you can meet, and needs that can be met at a later time only.

    Some examples of secondary needs that are important to be fulfilled include pulse and refreshing. But of course refreshing need to be controlled and given budget so the cost is not too big.

    Secondary needs that you can delay fulfillment include buying new clothes, or doing hobbies.

  2. Record Any Spending
    There is a huge advantage if you keep track of any expenses. The advantage is that you can see how much spending you have done every day.

    When you see that your daily spending exceeds the average daily income, that means you have to tighten your belt and start saving some money.

  3. Finding Additional Income
    In today’s technology era, there are so many ways to earn extra income. Some of the most popular of these are:

    – Open tutoring services
    – Join the online transport fleet
    – Open an online store
    – Open your own business / workshop

But often, people hesitate in seeking additional income. Especially when you have to open your own shop / business. The cause is capital funds.

Many people feel they do not have sufficient capital. Fear of insufficient capital so the business stagnates and eventually close without being able to turn back.

This is no longer valid because in today’s technological era, everyone can use fintech to get a capital loan.

Yes, borrowing money should be done intelligently and calculated. And fintech is the answer. There are several reasons why you should get capital loan through fintech, among which are:

  • Loaning process is easy and fast
  • The interest are light
  • Flexible loan time span

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