Ahead of Lebaran, Time to Start Funding in Fintech P2P Lending

01 Jun 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021


Now, doing funding can be done anytime thanks to fintech. But it would be better if done early on. The faster Sobat Pintar does the funding, the quicker you get the results. For moments such as before Ramadhan and Eid, ‘saving’ through funding in fintech seems to be a very smart choice.

Funding in fintech ahead of Ramadhan and Lebaran is the right choice because it is the time when many people get THR and there are also many who need additional funding. The need for additional funds, inevitably makes the demand for borrow money increased very drastically.

The above facts must have a Sobat Pintar utilize by joining funding in fintech-based peer to peer or known as P2P Lending.

How? And what are the benefits?

Fintech P2P funding is a funding in which fintech becomes the provider of information to anyone who needs borrowing funds. Meanwhile, Sobat Pintar as a lender can provide funds to be provided to the borrower whom you specify yourself.

Yes, Sobat Pintar can decide for yourself who you want to give loan funds. And Sobat Pintar can also determine how many dollars you want to lend.

To do so, you can simply use fintech that provides P2P Lending funding like Kredit Pintar. Fill in the self-data form, and send the funds as you’d like. Next, Sobat Pintar just follow the instructions given.

Easy, isn’t it?

Yes. Very easy, safe, and the profits are measurable.

Funding on Ramadan

In the month of Ramadhan, especially before Lebaran, the need for loan funds will increase. Therefore, this opportunity should be utilized as best as possible because you can easily find people who want to borrow money.

But of course, Sobat Pintar should not arbitrarily determine who to lend. Sobat Pintar needs to do a detailed analysis of the borrower’s profile. Make sure the borrower is:

  • Someone who has a clean record
  • Have the ability to make payments
  • And it is in need of these funds.

Unfortunately, despite doing the best possible analysis, undesirable things may happen. The creditor may experience bad credit.

Therefore, anticipation is the best solution to avoid it. Such anticipations include:

  • Conducting funding only at fintech which provides protection to investors’ funds
  • Ensure Sobat Pintar funds at the right insurance
  • And do diversify lending so that your money does not settle on 1 person only

Well, 3 steps have been done by Kredit Pintar in realizing a secure funding platform.

What are you waiting for?

Want to start a profitable private funding and can be a capital to gain financial freedom in the future? Let’s begin the process of funding in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient storage process! Visit our website at https://kreditpintar.com

21 Jun 2021
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