It’s Near Ramadhan! Take advantage of Online Loans for Your Daily Needs

04 May 2018 by Edwin


As the holy month of Ramadhan approaches, the shadow of spending as fasting gets bigger in front of the eyes. If you don’t prepare enough funds, for now, there could be a problem that overshadows Sobat Pintar.

As for some needs and preparations that must be prepared, among others are:

  • Preparation Towards Ramadhan
    As we all know, ahead of the Holy Month, the prices of basic needs tend to rise. There are many factors that trigger this price increase. For that, in order to save your budget, it’s good to buy various needs a few days before Fasting month. No later than H-7 from the first day of fasting.

    As for some things you need to buy and prepare to include the basic needs such as rice, sugar, and oil. There is no harm to Sobat Pintar prepare early on items such as:

    – Clothes to be worn during Lebaran later
    – Transportation Ticket if you want to go home during Idul Fitri
    – Souvenirs for holidays
    – and Foods to iftar

    Based on the survey and research, buying basic necessities in the week before the fast will be much more efficient to 70%!

  • Preparation Before Lebaran
    During Idul Fitri, prices will generally rise much higher. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the needs of Lebaran from far-away. Even, there are some items that are almost impossible to get during Ied. Even if it can, the price will be very unreasonable. Some of them are:

    – Flights back and forth
    – Lodging

    Therefore, it is advisable to order these things in advance. Yes, although from a far-away date not necessarily can be obtained because:

    – It’s been booked out by other people
    – Sobat Pintar don’t have funds yet

Many people who don’t have time to buy various needs for the preparation of fasting and Eid because they do not have the funds to “stock some stuff” all the needs of far-away days.

And if you buy these items during the fasting month, the price has gone up about 50-200%.

Therefore, utilizing a loan fund to prepare for the month of Ramadhan seems to be a good and relevant one. Do not let Sobat Pintar must spend funds of 5 million dollars for goods that the day before was only worth 3 million rupiahs.

In addition, Sobat Pintar can take advantage of loans earned to open a very promising business such as selling fasting meals.

So, it seems that Sobat Pintar should try to take advantage of online loans offered by fintech right now! Because in addition to easy lending process, the process is very fast, and the interest is very light. In addition, you can choose your preferred installment scheme yourself.

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