International Potato Chip Day, Celebrating the Crisp of Chips

13 Mar 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 22 Nov 2021

Tomorrow, March 14th is celebrated as “National Potato Chip Day 2018”, where potato chips as the favorite snack foods of many people in the world are celebrated each year.


Potato Chip History

Beginning on August 24, 1853, there was an unhappy restaurant customer complaining that the potato he ordered was too thick and wet, then returned it back to the kitchen. Being slightly offended, Chef Crum finally decided on a revenge plan by making the fries as thin as possible. The goal is to make it difficult for the guest to stab the fries with a fork. But unexpectedly, customers like it more and become the mainstay menu with the name “Saratoga Chips.”

“Potato Chips” until now has never been patented, you know! Chef Crum finds success with his invention and even opened his own restaurant in 1860. But at that time, it was difficult to issue patents on their invention as a person of color.

William Vanderbilt, one of Crum’s clients who often ordered his typical menu, decided to produce potato chips in large quantities and then sold in stores. Like the Vanderbilt idea, at that time also many people who have ideas to sell potato chip as snacks. However, Vanderbilt succeeded in becoming the first. He marketed his potato chips to his neighbor’s stores.

Thanks to potato chips that are booming since the accidental ‘revenge attempt’, there is also an industrial revolution of packaging made from wax paper bags to keep the quality of the snacks.

In the 20th century, potato chips were widespread, not just in the restaurant as a chef’s pride, but also mass-produced for home consumption.

Estimated per-year revenue in the industry could reach $ 15 billion, worldwide! It really works, so it’s an idea to start a business of potato chips. : D

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