In addition to Saving, Take Online Loans to Build a Business

04 May 2018 by Edwin

build a business

There is a saying, “Time is money”. And there is another saying that time is priceless. On other occasions, many say that you have to build a business from now!


Because every second that Sobat Pintar delays to build your business, every second has also been discarded. Imagine if Sobat Pintar build your business now, you will soon receive a profit.

But the most basic thing why Sobat Pintar should immediately build a business is to lay the foundation as early as possible. Yes! The earlier you build the business, the more you step in front of others who might also build a similar business.

Unfortunately, there are always obstacles. The obstacles include:

  • Fear of failure in business
  • Confusion and doubt in choosing what business to build
  • And the issue of capital

Business capital or initial investment often causes a person to delay building a business. In this delay, a person will generally save up to capital accumulated. Unfortunately, when capital has accumulated, there are often new problems, you know!

There are so many problems in building a business if Sobat Pintar just relies on money savings. Some of these problems include:

  • A similar effort has stood up
    This causes Sobat Pintar has left behind a few steps. And cause Sobat Pintar difficulties to get consumers because consumers already have their own subscriptions.
  • Capital expectations are not enough
    Every year prices will increase. Whether you know or not. This is because every year the value of the currency (whatever its currency) will experience inflation a few percents.This leads to predictions when a business can get growth. Based on the research, in 5 years, the constant increase in the figure of 40 to 70%. A very large number is it?

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to open your business right now! Don’t delay it, because the cost increase in the next few years will not be much different than looking for capital by borrowing money.

Borrowing money is a wise move. Make sure Sobat Pintar borrows using online loan service from fintech because:

  • Easier in loan-borrowing requirements
  • Faster in the verification process
  • Money is immediately disbursed when verification is complete
  • The interest is relatively light
  • And a loan installment scheme that you can choose by yourself.

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