How to Save Money Effectively for High School and College Students

11 Apr 2018 by Edwin

There are many ways of life-saving for high school and college students in big cities. These methods for save money are most effective, but others end in failure. What are some of these ways?

Some ways are often done by high school and college students to save expenses, among others by:

For students who want to save money on transport, doing carpool in a friend’s car is an option. But this is enough to make a fuss with your friends if you always do it. And you could have made the relationship less familiar because doing carpool too often and awkwardly silent along the way.

In this increasingly modern era, Sobat Pintar can save transport costs by way of a joint venture to hire an online taxi. Payment can also be more efficient by using promos that are often provided by online taxi service providers.

Saving to Start a Business
There is a fatal mistake of students who are saving money. Many who think saving is collecting money to buy goods when the money is finally collected.

Whereas actually saving is a means to:

  • Make sure you have a standby budget or funds for unexpected events
  • Make sure you have the funds to start your own business

As a student, it is fitting for a Sobat Pintar to struggle to learn not just to become an employee. But being someone who can hire someone else.

But if your savings are still lacking, don’t give up to build a business!

There are many ways that you can do to get additional capital. One way is to get a loan, being in debt.

Yes, owe some money. Don’t do it indiscriminately but in a clever and wise way.

Indebtedness is not a frugal way of life for the learner, but it can actually lead to an accumulation of interest on the debt. Therefore, make sure that Sobat Pintar is indebted to the right party.

Take advantage of Fintech

Sobat Pintar can try to take advantage of fintech to get the debt to build your own business. Some of the advantages of fintech funding providers and loans for students include:

  • Gives a low-interest rate and is considerably more efficient than the bank
  • The funding process is simple and easy to understand
  • The process of fast-tracking of funds is quickly disbursed

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