How to Fix Your Personal Financial Condition with Fintech

04 May 2018 by Edwin


Everyone has their own financial problems. And every problem, of course, there is a solution. Of the many problems, finance is the most experienced problem. Based on the survey, more than 90% of the world’s population has financial problems.

The solution to the financial problem is more money, or better management. If you get the money, your problem will be over. But earning money is not an easy matter, but it is not impossible either.

There are several ways to get additional funds/money to meet your financial needs. Some of these ways include:

  • Doing Additional Jobs
    There are many additional types of work that can be done. Some types of additional work such as:

    – Become an online transport driver
    – Become a private tutor
    – Working part-time as a waitress
    – Working part-time as a courier
    – and other additional work

    No need to be embarrassed to do additional work. The important thing is the halal money that you will get. But one thing that should be remembered is to maintain health during the additional work. Don’t you get sick from being too tired to work.

  • Opening Small Businesses
    There are many types of small businesses that you can get up and manage. Some types of business such as:

    a. Selling snacks such as fried foods, rissoles, or perhaps nasi uduk
    b. Opening a motorcycle rental, bicycle, washing machine, or contracting an empty room
    c. Opening services such as auxiliary services, or other services according to the expertise of Sobat Pintar

    But of course, to provide certainty of business, it is better to first study how a business can run. Don’t let your experience become a problem.

    But if you think that the business will be successful but not confident to manage it, you can act as an investor and leave the responsibility of how to manage the business to a trustworthy person.

  • Fintech
    Sobat Pintar can improve the financial condition by utilizing loans provided by financial technology (fintech). With fintech, Sobat Pintar can get loans quickly and without a convoluted process.

    In addition, loans can be used for capital to build small businesses. Or as a capital to invest in a business that will be managed by people who trusted.

One thing to keep in mind, if you need a loan, make sure the fintech is being supervised by OJK so that you avoid the fraud that is now crowded by phony fintech. Trust Kredit Pintar that have been registered with OJK since April 2018.

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