Get Ready for Ramadhan, Here’s How to Manage Finance during the Month

27 Apr 2018 by Edwin


Ramadhan is not only giving pleasure but also the responsibility for Moslems around the world. Although it’s still one month away, Sobat Pintar should manage the financial plan for Eid to keep personal or family finances stable. But leakage expenses always exist. So, how do you fix it?

In order to be able to save money safely and comfortably, arranging the finances during Eid is very necessary. As for some, how to set it up is by:

Create an Expense Plan

In the next 40 days, you need to prepare various expenditure plans to be issued. Make sure there are no additional expenditures beyond the specified expenses.

To manage your finances more leverage, Sobat Pintar can split those expenses into 5 phases:

  • What goods are needed in H-7 Ramadhan
  • What items are needed in the first week of Ramadhan
  • What items are needed in the second and third weeks of Ramadhan
  • What goods are needed before Eid
  • What items are needed in the week after Eid

Make sure that Sobat Pintar has settings for things like daily and iftar menus, transportation for going back home on Eid, and souvenirs when forthcoming.

Buying Many Essentials Before Ramadhan

Undeniably, during Ramadhan, all the price of basic necessities must rise drastically. Therefore, it is very wise to immediately buy a variety of goods at one time. As for some of the items that Sobat Pintar should immediately buy early is:

  • Rice
  • Meat and fish
  • Vegetables
  • And other kitchen needs such as oil and sugar

This stock should be done in the week before entering Ramadan. The reasons include:

  • At that time, prices are still relatively stable
  • So Sobat Pintar is not too long stocking stuff

Make Sure About Necessity of “Mudik”

Many families decide to go home during Idul Fitri. But if Sobat Pintarfeels that financial is not sufficient, it’s good to delay the desire to go home. There are several things you can do to replace the agenda, such as:

  • Selling Eid goods
  • Open day care services, be it home, car, or pet

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