From Zero to Hero, Let’s Get Profits From Funding!

24 May 2018 by Edwin


The huge profits and high growth of the business that Sobat Pintar own must be the thing that should be achieved and dreamed of. However, there are many obstacles that often make your business and funding just become stagnant and far from gaining the profits.

As for some of the causes of stagnant funding that Sobat Pintar plant, among others, are:

Zero knowledge about managing a business
This is normal, but it should not be allowed. Therefore, Sobat Pintar needs to learn good business management. If necessary, seek advice from competent people.

There are many ways to improve your ability and knowledge of business and funding. Sobat Pintar can read books, participate in seminars and training, or by sharing with fellow businesspeople to gain profit.

Limited funds
Limited funds often make a business become stagnant. Though the funds will be used for urgent purposes such as:

a. Pay the rent and salary of employees
b. Increase the supply of goods and increase the production of goods
c. Increase the number of branches of Sobat Pintar business
d. Doing product/service marketing

Don’t let the need for funds inhibit Sobat Pintar business. Therefore, make sure that Sobat Pintar has a strong flow of funds to continue to grow the business.

But funds/capital is certainly not an easy matter to get. Although difficult, the additional funds can be established. Some ways that you can get are:

Applying for Loans
Sobat Pintar can borrow money for capital to grow the business. The bank, in general, will process the loan application from the customer. However, the process of lending money in banks has several weaknesses, among them are:

a. The interests are quite large
b. The process is quite complicated

Sobat Pintar has an alternative in borrowing money. Fintech is a financial company capable of providing loans with ease, quickly, and with loan size and installments that you can set your own. Sobat Pintar can start running the business and make a profit quickly without going through the process of convoluted.

Doing Funding
With more and more people participating in funding, the finances of a business will be better. Sobat Pintar can invite friends, relatives, or other people to participate in the funding and profit.

But surely, there are some things that you need to pay attention to, that is, a business must be healthy, and not just burn money to remain standing.

Therefore, make sure also Sobat Pintar provides some people who are competent to manage the funding that you do in order to get a projected profit properly.

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