Receivables Funding, Financial Options to Increase Revenue

24 May 2018 by Edwin


In past times it is possible to get a fund or revenue, someone will do additional work. Like overtime or looking for a second job. But in today’s technological era, to increase revenue, many people are interested in starting funding of accounts receivable.

What is the funding of receivables in the technological era? And how to do it?

Funding receivables (lending your money through fintech) is now defined as a funding in which Sobat Pintar lend to people in need of additional funds. Either the funds are to be used as capital to open a business, meet the necessities of life, or to pay an unexpected need.

The main problem in this funding is the issue of repayment of the loan. In other words, many loan recipients do not pay/repay their debts. This certainly creates a fear for the lender. Instead of profit, this funding can actually be detrimental.

But the above problem only occurs on platforms that don’t have a clear system. In this increasingly advanced era, the financing of accounts receivable can be made easier by the presence of fintech. Some fintech implementing systems that can increase lender’s income with insurance and make it easier to find borrowers with a good borrowing history.

Fintech positioned as a liaison between Sobat Pintar as the lender, and the other as in need of a loan. The advantages of lending money with funding receivables using fintech, among others are:

  • Obtain a Qualified Recipient of the Loan
    Sobat Pintar need not be afraid of getting submissions from the troubled people in repayment of the loan. Fintech will sort the people who are entitled to borrow money so that Sobat Pintar just choose who you want to be given loans.

    Sobat Pintar can analyze whether the borrower’s reference from fintech is correct or not according to your taste. These banking history data are the most up-to-date data coming from trusted sources such as Bank Indonesia, insurance companies, or other financial industry-based companies.

  • Light Capital
    Starting funding in the field of fintech does not require a large capital like capital in other business fields. Sobat Pintar can even fund from Rp 500.000,- and can increase revenue by measurable.

    Still less light? This light capital is also supported by the fact that the funding of Sobat Pintar is guaranteed by OJK, guarded and insured also by fintech company.

Seeing the ease of funding in the field of receivables to increase revenue, it certainly makes this funding so important to be followed.

But of course, you need the right fintech. Learn how to choose fintech that guarantees the security of your Smart Buddy funding.

Well, you want to start funding a profitable receivable and can be a capital to gain financial freedom in the future, right? Let’s begin the process of funding in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient storage process! Visit our website at

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