Financial Revolution Era, Faster Business Funding with Fintech

13 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021

Business Funding

In today’s digital age, every business and industry is growing. No exception to the financial world. Starting a business funding or a desire to help others with business funding can be very easy to do. What else if not the advantages that fintech presented? In addition, this increasingly sophisticated financial industry is evident from several major changes such as:

  • Access to finance can now be done from anywhere
  • Access to finance can now be done anytime
  • Obtain and lend funds anytime and anywhere
  • Obtain and lend funds in an easier way

All that is now easier because of the shift of the financial industry into the fintech industry or financial technology. This industry provides many conveniences for everyone in terms of:

  • Online Payment
    With fintech, Sobat Pintar can now pay for things online. Whether it’s water bills, electricity, credit cards, motorcycles, and so on. With this online payment, Sobat Pintar no longer needs to bother coming and waiting in line.
  • Lending Money and Getting Capital
    Now Sobat Pintar who wants to own your own business funding can start building a business quickly and easily, don’t forget also features to lend to businesses that according to Sobat Pintar have the potential to be lent capital. The ease can occur because fintech can provide loans for business funding with a very easy and fast process. As for other advantages of using fintech services to provide capital and borrow money, that is:

    a. The quantity that suits your needs
    b. Installments can be determined according to your ability
    c. Can be submitted from anywhere and anytime

The big changes (revolution) in this financial world make Sobat Pintar easier to become an entrepreneur. So it’s not quite right if you say you are putting off building a business and investing because Sobat Pintar doesn’t have the capital or confused the existence of excessive money and want to be channeled where.

But of course, the various features of this fintech should be used as possible. Need a money loan to support personal needs? Submit a loan at Kredit Pintar and prove a fast and convenient loan application process! Download the application at

21 Jun 2021
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