Fintech Lending, Easy Ways to Get Profit by Lending Money

15 May 2018 by Edwin


Having excess money is fun. But if not played for a profit, sooner or later the money will be gone. Unfortunately, there are still many people who have not known P2P fintech lending with the service to lend money as one of the lucrative, easy, safe and secure business.

What exactly is fintech lending?

Fintech lending is a form of business in which Sobat Pintar acts as a lender. And fintech as an intermediary between Sobat Pintar and recipient of loan funds (borrower).

Fintech as an intermediary is responsible for doing things like:

  • Search for borrowers through advertising or other marketing strategies
  • Sorting out which the borrowers are worthy and not
  • Channel your funds to the person who applied for the loan
  • Performs processes related to billing on the due date

Meanwhile, Sobat Pintar as a lender only has the task to:

  • Determine who will get the loan
    Sobat Pintar can determine for yourself who is entitled to get a loan. Sobat Pintar can determine this based on the data of the prospective borrower, then determine whether the person is potentially paying the debt well, or even potentially experiencing bad credit.
  • Determining the amount of loan funds
    It does not take much money to lend money and make a profit. Kredit Pintar set the minimum as big as Rp 500.000 to start lending money from Sobat Pintar.

    But of course, more money you lend, the more profits Sobat Pintar will get.

Are there any risks to this investment?

Investment fintech lending seems easy and promising, isn’t it? Yes, it looks easy and promising. But that does not mean without risk.

Any loan Sobat Pintar provides is your right and responsibility. Therefore, if you make a loan to someone who ends up having a problem in the repayment, then the problem becomes your risk.

Fortunately, there is much support for loans in fintech lending so that this type of funding is now safer. Some of this support include:

  • Data Support from Central Bank
    Data is needed to see if the person who applied for the loan has a good financial record or not. Thus, bad things can be avoided.

    Support data provided by Central Bank is very accurate and reliable so it is very easy to see the worthiness of someone who wants to owe.

  • Good Insurance Guarantee from Fintech and 3rd Parties
    Now many fintech began to guarantee to provide protection in case of problems in the process of repayment or installment of the loan. This will make Sobat Pintar money back when it’s as expected.

    Especially, if the fintech is under the auspices of OJK, any form of potential losses that want to harm Sobat Pintar money, OJK will provide protection of funds. Still feel less secure? Hope not.

Want to start earning money by lending you personal cash? Let’s begin the process of funding in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient process! Visit our website at

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