Easy Funding Options for College Students

13 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021

Easy Funding

As a student, especially living in the overseas or far from home, financial conditions are often problematic. Therefore, seeking additional funds needs to be done. Easy funding from saving some money or lend your money as a form of funding in lending fintech can be a viable option to consider.

There are several reasons why fintech funding is important for students:

  • Not Interfering Lecture Hours
    By investing in fintech funding, Sobat Pintar will earn money without the need to do work that can grab college time, and study time. In addition, with a mature funding, can be a provision to open another business after college.This will certainly increase the chances of success in the future.
  • Coaching Independence
    Proper easy funding requires great calculation, decisions, and courage. Errors will be a lesson that makes a student stronger and more independent.By starting financial funding through fintech, a student starts learning to control his spending in a better direction.

Well, with some of the reasons above, some of the following easy funding options seem to be reasonable and should begin to be chosen by the students. As for several options include:

Properties are expensive and difficult to buy by student pockets. But it is not impossible to do funding in this field.

Basically, property funding is very easy for students to do. All that needs to be done is to do a joint venture. Yes, a joint.

Sobat Pintar can jointly purchase a property and make a letter of agreement on ownership of the property. Purchases can be made on credit with on behalf of one of your trusted college friends.

This funding scheme looks complicated, but it is actually very easy to do.

Lending Money on Fintech Funding

Sobat Pintar can also lend to people who need a loan. With the help of fintech, a college student who is busy writing thesis can find the person who is looking for a loan very easily.

Yes, fintech provides anyone with the opportunity to invest by lending funds to anyone who makes a loan on fintech. There are several advantages of this type of investment:

  • Relatively Safe
    This is because the funds you provide will be secured by fintech, OJK, and insurance companies.
  • Can Invest with Small Capital
    Unlike property investment, this funding scheme can be done alone by Sobat Pintar who is still a student. Amazingly, the funding process can be done anytime and anywhere.

Incredible, is it?

But before deciding to lend your money with fintech funding, make sure to choose fintech which is already under the responsibility of OJK supervision. This is to ensure Sobat Pintar funds provide real benefits that you expect, and with the same results as desired. Getting easy funding isn’t hard at all.

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21 Jun 2021
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