Easy Funding for Beginners (and Everyone!)

22 May 2018 by Edwin

Easy Funding

Along with the progress of the times, financial ease can be obtained more. All thanks to the rapidly growing technology. One of them in obtaining profits through easy funding. Now starting funding is not as difficult as in the past.

Nowadays, anyone and anywhere, Sobat Pintar can now start the easy funding process anytime. There are many easy funding options that you can choose. Some of them are:

  • Property
    Property options such as land, houses, or vehicles can be a lucrative source of funding. But the selection of this fund requires a careful foresight. Indeed, the property value will continue to rise and grow. Gives you great benefits. But the required capital is large enough and waiting time to “harvest the interest” is not short.

    In addition, this funding also has a high enough risk. Especially from the number of unscrupulous individuals who exploit the ignorance of the legality and the property letters.

  • Insurance
    Insurance provides diverse funding. Starting from education, old age, to protection funding. All of them give advantages to Sobat Pintar. But, the complicated problem of insurance world is the difficulty to make a claim when you want to disburse funds. In addition, funding in insurance is easy, but the disbursement of your money and interest can be released after a very long period of time.
  • Gold
    Gold as a commodity funding is never timeless. This funding almost never harms the owner. Therefore, gold funding is one form of funding that is easy to do, safe, and quite beneficial. But gold funding tends to stagnant alias does not provide a significant advantage.

    For example, if 1 kilogram of gold could be used to buy a house, after 20 years 1 kilogram of gold it now also can only be used to buy a house with the same size and location.

    Therefore, some say this funding is a way of avoiding inflation, but it can not make someone richer.

  • Funding at Fintech
    Fintech also provides easy funding where Sobat Pintar can be a lender to the creditors. Funding is very easy to do, can be done with little capital, very safe, and provide a great advantage.

    The most important thing is how Sobat Pintar choose who is eligible to be given a loan.

    However, funding also has risks. But funding at fintech is already-almost-zero-risk thanks to the security guarantees of the company itself. Especially in Kredit Pintar using artificial intelligence technology (A.I) in selecting borrowers, and supported by the guarantee of funding provided by some insurance companies.

    What more do you need?

Well, that’s some easy funding that you can do as a beginner in the world of funding.

Want to start a profitable private funding and can be a capital to gain financial freedom in the future? Let’s begin the process of funding in Kredit Pintar and prove a simple, safe, and convenient funding process! Visit our website at https://kreditpintar.com

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