Early Tips on Managing Your Finance Post-Lebaran

08 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021


Although the celebration of Ied/Lebaran is still a month away, setting up the post-Eid finance must be paid attention to in advance. Why? Because after the Eid, your finances will feel back to zero. So, often you feel no longer have anything. This is reasonable given the number of expenditures in the month, such as:

  • The fee for going home (mudik)
  • Cost for recreation during Lebaran
  • Buying new clothes
  • Rising prices of goods and services during Eid

Therefore, it is advisable if you feel financial need to be tightened, this particular article organizes the financial post-Lebaran, hopefully, Sobat Pintar can practice this suggestion.

There are several reasons why Sobat Pintar finances can fall apart after Eid. Among others are:

  • Too extravagant during Ramadan
  • Prices that don’t go down in the month
  • Income that does not go up

Therefore, some of the steps that Sobat Pintar must do include:

Check Back Your Financial Condition

Sobat Pintar should look back to how much expenditure in the month of Ramadhan this time. If too much expenditure is spent, it’s time for Sobat Pintar to tighten the belt! It’s time to start frugging.

Don’t bring shopping last month atmosphere to this new moon.

Rearrange Budget

If you feel there is a lot of leakage of expenses during the fasting period, then basically there is a leak in the way Sobat Pintar manage finances.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that Sobat Pintar recreate a more complete, structured, and easily understood the financial budget. Make sure the budgeting includes things like:

  • Determine maximum daily or monthly expenses
  • Reduce eating and drinking in costly restaurants
  • Make your own breakfast in the morning
  • Start riding public transport.

Post Needs That Are Not Too Important

Don’t let Sobat Pintar try to buy the actual needs that can be delayed, or even cannot be purchased. Some of these needs such as new phone, new motor, and new clothes.

Sobat Pintar can also add revenue items by opening a business. But the constraint is generally capital. No need to worry. Why?

Because in general, Sobat Pintar can owe smartly through fintech to get capital to open a business. Some of the fintech already listed on OJK are fintech which:

  • The loan application process is easy and fast
  • Using the borrower’s own data for verification and security is greatly maintained

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21 Jun 2021
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