How to Borrow Money Only With Your ID as Capital

26 Feb 2018 by Edwin

Many people complain about the difficulty of getting a loan. Not many know, that in this increasingly sophisticated era, borrowing money with only ID card as a capital can be done. But of course, not everyone can do it.

There are some requirements that you can borrow money only with an ID card as a capital. Some of these requirements include:

  1. Does Not Have a “Black Note”
    If you do not have a bad record of doing a crime or are in trouble, then you have a chance to borrowing money only with ID card as a capital.
    But keep in mind, this does not necessarily make your loan application money will be 100 percent approved.
  2. Not Having Financial Bills
    If you have a late payment note, it is likely that your application for a loan will be rejected. Therefore, it is very important to always pay your debt ontime.
    Even if you want to borrow money from different funding companies, they have a record of each person’s borrowing history. Including anywhere you ever borrow money, and how the history of paying the debt.
  3. Have Convincing Data
    Although you are very “clean”, but the lender will make sure your data is really accountable. Usually, the loan approval with KTP only as a capital will be based on things like:

– Do you live in your own house
– Do you have a bill, especially credit card
– Is your credit problematic / often late
– Do your ID data match the facts on the ground
– Are you convincing enough in the eyes of the survey team

However, borrowing money should be smart and lest you get stuck on a loan shark who gives you a strangling interest. For that, you can take advantage of KreditPintar as one of loan fintech as the best solution to borrowing money only with KTP.

By using KreditPintar, borrowing money online can be done only by using the information available on your KTP.

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