More and More Loans from Various Fintech, Beware of Fraud!

04 May 2018 by Edwin

In various media, many financial companies based on financial technology or fintech market their services. It is the reasonable and legitimate course. But over time, now many technology-based financial services that apparently implement fraud and harmful scheme.

Some of the harmful schemes include things like:

  • Raising customer funds without a clear fund-usage scheme
  • Managing customer funds in other investments that have a high level of risk

Both of the above schemes may cause a fintech to incur losses and fail to return customer funds as agreed. This caused the fintech manager to leave a lot of problems.

But in addition to the above problems, there are some companies that precisely from the beginning is a form of fraud. For Sobat Pintar to avoid the risk, let’s understand more, what are the forms of fraud?

Supervised by OJK

The fintech company is supposed to be under the auspices of OJK. And of course, always under OJK supervision. But some companies deliberately claimed to be under the auspices of OJK, but not.

Therefore, if you find a company like this, you should have to:

  • Don’t trust their product offer, whatever the reason was given
  • Report it to the appropriate authorities, in this case, is OJK

Indeed, the fintech company is strictly forbidden to implement MLM scheme. Therefore, if you have found a fintech company with a scheme like:

  • Make a profit if you have a downline
  • Forced to find new members to join
  • Offer products that can only be taken if already joined as a member

So it is better and proper for Sobat Pintar to report the fintech to the authorities.

Gives a Very Big Flower
Fintech is basically a lender that makes it easy for you to get funds quickly with light interest. But now there are many loan sharks who open money borrowing business under the guise of fintech.

The schemes are:

  • Provide a loan with a mild interest scheme with a fine of flowering interest
  • The existence of nominal additional costs is not small
  • The number of fines schemes

Yes, OJK and Bank Indonesia are already set up for certain things, such as interest and fine. Therefore, Sobat Pintar has to borrow money wisely and take advantage of Kredit Pintar that have been proven to help many customers in overcoming difficult financial circumstances.

Choose fintech that does provide interest schemes and payment schemes that will not trouble your financial condition in the future.

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