Benefits of Funding for Students Who Want to Manage Money On Their Own

28 May 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021


Independence is the key to success in the future. Therefore, college students must make sure to benefit by starting funding early on.

There are many types of funding that a student can try. Some types of funding are:

  1. Education Funding
    Includes purchasing textbooks, downloading journals, and spending time learning. This type of funding is the best funding for a student. Well, just imagine invest time and resource to be enjoyed later as professional.

    But like any funding, if the education is obtained and not applied, it will be in vain. This is what makes a lot of college graduates who ended up being employees whose status is stagnant.

  2. Funding for Capital Investment
    A student can start trying capital funding, or funding receivables by lending money. In modern times, often called fintech lending funding.

    What is it? Fintech lending is a company that offers a funding system where you use the money you have to lend to others. Sobat Pintar only need to lend money, while fintech has the duty and responsibility to:

    – Looking for people who want to borrow money
    – Refine your loan application to avoid payment failure
    – Perform reminder that will be due to the creditor
    – Conducting billing to creditors who are paying

    There are several advantages of funding through fintech lending for students, namely:

    1. Can be done by students from any department
    2. Easy to understand and do
    3. Not troublesome and does not disturb the lecture
    4. Has a low-risk level because it is protected by fintech, OJK, and insurance
    5. Does not require large capital, can even use capital starting from IDR 500k

For your own benefit, funding can give students great things like:

Assist finance during college
Make a student has his own business that will get bigger from time to time

But basically, a funding made as early as possible will provide benefits that are:

  1. Training the Business Mindset
    Basically, lectures are to form a superior person to become an entrepreneur or succeed in another profession. Not just train someone to be skilled as an employee.

    The mindset and soul of business will become stronger and able to compete with other types of business, what are you waiting for

  2. Creating Self-Reliance Early
    Many students still can’t be independent, even after graduating from college. But by having a business that:

    – the risk of failure is low
    – able to provide measurable benefits
    – and easy to do

    Sobat Pintar can be a financially independent student. No longer dependent on parent remittances. This will cause your Sobat Pintar as a student to better appreciate money, and increase the intuition of making money.

Still wanting to delay funding? Or still confused where to invest your funding?

Want to start a profitable personal funding and can be a capital to gain financial success in the future? Let’s start financing loans to a potential borrower via Kredit Pintar platform, and prove the funding process with simple, secure, and scalable advantages! Visit our website at

21 Jun 2021
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