Be Careful and Avoid Fake Funding Offers!

25 May 2018 by Edwin

fake funding

In terms of business and professionalism, many people are good on this earth. But the bad people are there to fool you too, Sobat Pintar. There are some people who can take advantage of you, even deceive yourself to make a personal profit through a fake funding offer.

Yes, indeed one form of fraud that is still quite popular is fraudulent undercover fraudulent funding. The common mode is to offer Sobat Pintar financing products. And when Sobat Pintar has deposited funding, the person/company will run away from the responsibility.

Therefore, Sobat Pintar should always be careful and avoid fake funding offers!

But recognizing fake funding is not easy. Sobat Pintar needs deep knowledge. As for some of the fake funding features include:

Promising an Unreasonable Profit/Interest

A funding with a promising profit of more than 20 percent should be suspected of being fraudulent financing or fake funding. And there steps you can do are:

  • Refused the funding
  • Reporting of unsettling activities to the authorities (OJK or the authorities)

However, surely not all forms of funding with a profit of more than 20% are fake funding. Some are still reasonable funding, although the amount is very small.

No License From OJK
A business entity requiring investors or investors must be supervised by OJK. If a finance-based finance charter does not have an OJK business license, then it is likely that the funding offer is fake.

Don’t be fooled by fake funding advice that promise things like:

  • OJK permissions will be issued soon and only need to wait
  • OJK permit already exists but the papers will be issued shortly after funding the deal

The Business to be Built is Unclear
Don’t trust a promised business. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should find out things like:

  • The effort to be built
  • Location and when the business will be opened
  • Business prospects honestly and thoroughly

Finding a place you can trust to manage your finances is not easy. Therefore, it is advisable for you to remain optimistic and still manage the business that you have in order to continue to benefit. And don’t forget to be careful of fake funding offers.

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