Avoid Beginner Mistakes in Investing

06 May 2018 by Edwin

In investing, of course, there are risks that Sobat Pintar must be ready to bear. But of course, the loss can be avoided if Sobat Pintar knows how.

But unfortunately, there are so many beginners who make a mistake in investing. The result is obvious! Loss.

As for some investment mistakes often made by beginners include:

  1. Adhering to the Philosophy of “Big Risk for Big Results”
    Many beginners think an investment is like a gamble. Take the risk for great results.

    This is very wrong Sobat Pintar! You should avoid investments that have high risk. Look for businesses with big profits but minimal risks. Is there any? Of course, there is, Kredit Pintar is one of them.

  2. Easy to believe
    Many beginners in investing put too much trust in people who will manage your money. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should note the following 5 things, namely:

    – The business is indeed a business with a promising market
    – The person managing have a good track record
    – The business has a clear and promising workflow
    – The business is legal and does not violate the law
    – Make sure the business is managed as well as possible

    Therefore, to ensure the security of your investment, be sure to use an investment insurance that can protect your losses if undesirable things happen.

But the biggest mistake beginners in investing only 2 simple things, namely:

  1. Not Starting Business from Now
    By reason of not enough capital, and do not know where to invest, many people decide to postpone to invest.

    Though the investment should be done immediately, with careful calculation. Don’t worry about capital because basically, the most important capital in business and investment is how Sobat Pintar dedicates itself to managing what Sobat Pintar invest as well as possible.

  2. Feeling Not Enough Capital
    Is the biggest mistake for beginner investors. With a small capital, then choose to invest in a business that roughly. And now Sobat Pintar can start investing with relatively little capital.

    Sobat Pintar can take advantage of the investment offer provided by fintech. This investment can start quickly, the terms are easy, and don’t charge you because it has high interest and relatively little capital, which can be selected according to Sobat Pintar needs and capabilities.

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