Arranging Finance With Small Salaries

15 Mar 2018 by Edwin

No one wants to have low income or wages. But in fact, 85% of people in Indonesia feel that the income they have is very small. For it is very important to know how to manage finances with a small salary.

The purpose of being able to manage finances with small salaries include:

  1. Avoid debt to survive
  2. Able to feel gratitude despite the small salary
  3. Increase savings or even monthly income

How to Organize Finance with Small Salary
To be able to manage finances when your salary is small, some ways that can be done include:

Create a Budget Post
Some common budget posts include:

  • Eating Needs
  • Transportation Needs
  • Bathroom and Sanitary Equipment
  • Savings

The proportion of budget post should be in the range as follows:

  • Food, 45% of income
  • Transportation, 25% of income
  • Bath and Hygiene, 10% of income
  • Savings, 20% of income

For example, for those of you who have a monthly salary/income in the figure of 2 Million Rupiah, you can try to divide the budget item:

  • Food, 900 thousand per month, or about 30 thousand per day.
  • Transportation, 500 thousand per month, or about 20 thousand per day.
  • Needs a bath, 200 thousand per month, or about 6500 per day
  • And the rest you can save for you to use if at any time it must be used.

What if you are married but your salary is (still) small?
If that happens, the best way is to supplement your income. Many ways you can choose to increase revenue, among them are:

  1. Selling Online Goods
    There are several sales options that you can choose from. Among them are dropship, reseller, or affiliate.
  2. Opening Stall
    Opening a business or own stalls can be a solution, but to open the shop has a big down side. You need a lot of capital.

To overcome the money problem of making a stall, the best step you can do is to borrow funds. There are several places you can use to borrow funds, including:

  • Friend
  • Fintech

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