Arrange Your Financial Plan, Make Your 3 Million IDR Salary Spend Effectively

20 Mar 2018 by Edwin

Many people complain that it is so difficult to manage monthly finances with a salary of 3 million rupiahs. This is reasonable, given the increasing cost of living over time. But basically, living with a salary of 3 million is not something to be concerned about.

If you live in the countryside, a salary of 3 million is certainly a very large number. But for those of us who live in urban areas, 3 million is a very small number. Some of the reasons are:

  • Everything in urban is generally pricey
  • Prices in urban areas are much more expensive
  • The need for an improved lifestyle

Therefore, it is necessary to make detailed financial management and arrangement. This is to avoid common problems with your finances, such as:

  • The existence of a strangling debt bill
  • The absence of funds for urgent matters
  • The absence of funds to invest or open a business

Arranging Financial Plan with Salary: 3 Million IDR

There are several steps you can do, including:

  1. Budget Your Daily Spending
    By creating a daily budget amount, you will know whether the current financial status is stable, or deficit. If you feel the deficit, the best way to do is to keep costs down on other budget items, so that the deficit amount turns into a surplus.
  2. Avoid Gambling
    Many people are trying their luck by gambling in various gambling ports. If you win, your finances are surely increasing. However, gambling can actually cause serious problems to your finances later.
  3. Start Looking for Additional Funds
    You can try to increase your income by opening your own business. Think of it as a side investment that can be utilized for your financial freedom later.

If you have enough funds, looking for additional funds is certainly easy. But if your current salary tend to be limited and less, one solution is to utilize Kredit Pintar as one of the fintech that offers loan money without complicated process, you only need your phone and ID card. So, if you have 3 million IDR as your monthly salary, you can borrow money for capital to open a small business as an investment.

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