A Brief Strategy to Take advantage of Fintech for Business Needs

01 Jun 2018 by Edwin, Last edit: 21 Jun 2021

business needs

In building, managing, and maintaining a business, certainly a lot of business needs that must be met. Starting from the knowledge of a qualified in running a business, the selection of the right employees, and of course the capital that isn’t small.

Capital itself will generally be used for various business needs, such as:

  • The cost of buying or renting a place
  • Pay employees
  • Buy a variety of office supplies / place of business
  • Cost of marketing of products / services
  • Production cost
  • Operating costs
  • And other expenses (such as taxes and benefits)

In addition, in a business needs often there is a sudden nature appeared. Many of the costs suddenly jumped up, such as:

  • Increase of Production Cost
    Production costs also cover such things as transportation costs and product marketing costs. These cost increases are generally not very large. But sometimes, the increase in production costs could be more than the profit of the last few months. Especially in the newly established company.

    This increase in production costs can lead to bankruptcy if not anticipated early on.

  • Increase in Fuel Prices
    However, an increase in the fuel can lead to an increase in production costs, transportation costs, and other costs. If you have funds, this increase can certainly be overcome. But if the funds are not enough, inevitably, seeking additional funds is an obligation. The business needs that had been originally planned can be overhauled suddenly, which is important flexible and responsible yes.

Whatever the cost of a Sobat Pintar planned, it is fitting that Sobat Pintar should be ready. Sobat Pintar needs to anticipate this by having a standby budget. Standby budget can be many things.

As for some, standby budget in business needs that must be prepared when going to do business include:

  • Credit card
    It is a very important standby budget because you can buy a lot of business needs quickly and easily. Sobat Pintar don’t have to bother to make transactions in cash.
  • Investors
    Sobat Pintar must be ready to provide space for investors to participate in business with Sobat Pintar. This will help you have additional funds whenever you need them. But of course, as long as the funding needs are indeed worthy to be given. Investors certainly do not want to pour money for unnecessary business needs.
  • Financial Technology (Fintech)
    Fintech is a standby budget solution because it can provide loans whenever you need it very quickly and easily. In addition, interest rates tend to be lower than credit cards. Another advantage that fintech provides in lending is Sobat Pintar can choose the amount of installment and repayment term. This makes Sobat Pintar can repay the loan in accordance with the ability of Sobat Pintar.

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21 Jun 2021
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