Ethics When Borrowing Money From Your Friends

27 Feb 2018 by Edwin

One of the option to get money loan is to your friends/colleague. However, even if you have a close friend, there will always be ethics that you must uphold when borrowing your friend’s money.

Money Borrowing Ethics

Demand for borrowing money is one of the things that can damage friendships. Therefore, ethics should always be upheld when you want to borrow your friend’s money.

Some of the ethics you should understand include:

  1. Give Certainty When You Will Pay
    Many people borrow money from their friends by saying they will reimburse the money they borrow when the business is done. Indeed, as a friend, you must make sure when the exact date will pay the loan money.
  2. Don’t force it
    Many try to borrow money, forcefully (both subtly, and really forceful). Some of the most commonly used coercion are:
    – Forcing given a loan without interest
    – Forcing should be given a loan right now
    – Forcing should be given a large sum of loan
  3. Watch When Should You Borrow Money
    There are some people who have never come before to chit-chat with you but suddenly come to you to borrow money. That is very wrong. Some of the manners that you should consider are:
    – Do not borrow money when your friend’s family economy you want to borrow is slumped
    – Pay attention to the right time, do not express the desire to borrow money when your big family friends are gathered.
  4. Trying to Repay Debt
    The most frequently violated ethics is the ethics that debt should be paid. There are even cases where debtors are much more fierce than lenders. Anyway, do not ever delay to pay your debts.

Borrowing money from friends is fun. In addition to being generally not given the burden of interest, but also the process is easy, fast, and without collateral.

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