From Zero to Hero, Let’s Get Profits From Funding!

The huge profits and high growth of the business that Sobat Pintar own must be the thing that should be achieved and dreamed of. However, there are many obstacles that often make your business and funding just become stagnant and far from gaining the profits. As for some of the causes of stagnant funding that[…]

Simple Strategy to Take Advantage of Fintech for your Personal Need

Whatever the job, age, ethnicity, or religion of Sobat Pintar, everyone has a personal need. And this need has a different level of urgency. There are things to be met, some can be postponed, some may not be filled at all. The needs that must be met are: Medication Cost Whether Sobat Pintar or a[…]

Fix Your Personal and Family Economy, Let’s Take advantage of Fintech!

There are many benefits of fintech for the personal or family economy growth that you can benefit from. But the point is how to use the existence of this financial technology well and wisely. Fintech itself is a financial platform that uses advances in technology such as the internet, smartphones, and digital access to facilitate[…]

Borrowing Money Should Be Vigilant, Be Careful Choosing the Right Fintech!

In today’s technological era, borrowing money by utilizing the existence of financial technology or fintech is already the thing that should be done. But behind all that, there are dangers that can lurk and make Sobat Pintar struck as a victim. But this time, Kredit Pintar will not talk about the possibility of fintech that[…]

How to Borrow Money Only With Your ID as Capital

Many people complain about the difficulty of getting a loan. Not many know, that in this increasingly sophisticated era, borrowing money with only ID card as a capital can be done. But of course, not everyone can do it. There are some requirements that you can borrow money only with an ID card as a[…]

Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Borrowing Money at Fintech

In this era, the needs of society are increasing. As a result, the need for additional funds also increased quite high. This raises the number of loan sharks seeking opportunities beyond the difficulties of others. But now, you doesn’t need to worry. Borrowing money on fintech can be a solution. Fintech as a Funding Solution[…]

Smart Tips on Managing Your Finance

You have to plan your finance smart and carefully. Financial plan included. This is very important to support the effectiveness of your effective use of funds. And of course, makes every expenditure more useful. In managing finances, there are some things that can make you more comfortable, among them are: Application Budget / Fund Manager[…]

Setting up a Family Vacation Budget

Increasing togetherness with a family vacation is a good thing. Many benefits that can certainly be obtained. But of course, the holiday must be carefully prepared. Especially in the most crucial part. Budget. Arranging a family vacation budget should pay attention to 4 important elements that should not be ignored. That is: Stakes and Pillars[…]

Tips for Choosing an Investment with OJK Recommendations

The Financial Services Authority, often abbreviated as OJK, has closed many unauthorized businesses. At least, on average per month, there are 7 businesses in the financial sector forced to close by force amongst other are investment business because it has not pocketed the permit. So many business offers now abused by some unscrupulous to profit[…]

The Type of People You Should Refuse When Borrowing Money

Demand for borrowing money is often the beginning of the destruction of friendship.Especially if the borrower doesn’t return the funds. But on the other hand, you sometimes don’t know whether the person is worthy of getting a loan or not. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the 3 types of people you[…]