OJK Ready to Facilitate Investment Management for Infrastructure

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) has stated its position to support the Ministry of National Planning and Development (PPN / Bappenas) to encourage long-term fund managers to invest their managed funds into government-owned infrastructure projects.

Wimboh Santoso, as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of OJK revealed that currently, they are preparing six schemes for the management of long-term funds, namely pension funds and haj funds for infrastructure financing. It was revealed during the event of Infrastructure Development of Non-State Budget (PINA) Day at Grand Ballroom Kempinski, Jakarta, Thursday, January 18 back then.

Six schemes that have been prepared and referred to by Wimboh Santoro are regional bonds, green bonds or environmentally friendly bonds to capital market companies. Followed by perpetual bonds, asset-backed securities, infrastructure investment funds, and people’s housing savings.

Wimboh also explained, for example, perpetual bonds are for the issuance of bonds with a very long tenor for the needs of financing long-term projects.

In addition to Wimboh, Bambang Brodjonegoro as National Development Planning Minister or National Development Planning Agency (PPN / Bappenas) also asked State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) to seek working capital other than injections from the state’s cash. One way is to utilize the equity financing scheme by involving private investors. This was stated by Bambang during the Economic & Investment Outlook 2018 event at Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, Wednesday, January 17, last week.

In addition to seeking sources of working capital, Bambang also advised state-owned companies to involve investment managers to invite investors to invest in state-owned enterprises that run the infrastructure process. Examples of potential investors are the management of pension funds and haj funds.

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